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About Pa

I’m a Minneapolis-based
graphic designer with 3+ years of professional experience in graphic design and an excited curious photographer looking for opportunities.

I’m passionate about advocating for others and telling stories through design.


On the side, I’m a dog mom, photographer, and illustrator. I like to spend my time exploring and practicing self care. 


Fun fact: my work has been recognized by American singer Pink Sweat$ and influencers such as itsyuyan & Heyitsfeiii.

My latest projects

My Projects


The WAVE Music Awards celebrates and highlights twenty-five music artists. Hosted by the organization called PASITIVITY, the process starts with finding artists on TikTok and ends with sharing their journey and work through a celebration. The purpose of this award show is to inspire others.


Inspire Asians! Inspire Gen-Z! Inspire Artists!


Let’s crash the music industry with Asian talents!

LUTN Logo.jpg

Light Up the Night is one of the biggest events of

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities hosted by the Asian American Student Union organization. The events introduce a variety of Asian student organizations on campus to freshman and transfer students.

Inspired by the word "Light", I created digital assets and merch to promote the event.


With an interest in interior design, I created

Nature Your Home. It's a pattern series of 3 different nature illustrations created through the process of digital screen printing.


Inspired by woman empowerment and self-care, I created this perfume brand. From my research and experience, women often experience inequality which leads to focusing less on self-care. 

Self Love is a small reminder for women that they are great no matter where they are in life. Self Love is a perfume brand with a message of loving yourself first before others.


One of my favorite artists is Eric Nam, a singer-songwriter Korean American artist. The goal of this project was to give Eric Nam a new look. Rebranding him from bubbly and colorful to a mysterious and mature concept.


Paying homage to eight of my favorite Korean R&B artists, KRNB is an interactive website mockup and digital magazine that highlights digital screenprint collages and songs.

Client Work

Recent Client Work

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